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We culture Callosobruchus maculatus, a tropical, prolific species. The larvae eat black-eyed peas; the adults do not eat. The culture needs no water, the adults need no food; this is a no-care feeder!


If you have baby reptiles and amphibians, Bean Beetles are a great feeder; they climb screen, plastic, branches and glass, getting within range of your timid eaters, and are the size of Hydei fruit flies.


What are the best things about this feeder? The Bean Beetle is 30% higher in protein than crickets, ounce for ounce! The second amazing fact is the adults do not fly (glide a few inches really) unless the culture is crowded. If the culture is crowded, you get fliers! So you can control your feeder to become a flier! How cool is that??


Bean Beetle Cultures will have adults, larvae, eggs, and food.

Bean Beetle Cultures

  • 1-3 Cups for $10 Each

    4 Cups for $35

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