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The Night Trapper Insect trap is a proven trap that will provide you with night active insects attracted to light. About 90% of the insects are moths, but we have also caught praying mantis, beetles, flying ants, flying termites, mayflies, and crane flies. Every morning is like a box of chocolates; you’ll never know what you’re going to get!


How does it work?


Simple in design, any screw-in light bulb will work; you can use black lights, but we have found regular high-wattage light bulbs bring in just as many insects.


Place the Night Trapper where it won’t get wet, plug it in, and in the morning you have breakfast! You can add a timer so the Night Trapper is only working during the dark hours. The insects in the bottom do not fly out the gap between the ramps, so if you don’t collect every morning, no worries. They will be under the egg flat tomorrow.


The Night Trapper has two removable “ramps” beside the light bulb that the insects slide down, which dumps them into the catch chamber. Once in the chamber, the insects will hide on the bottom of the egg flat. Remove the removable ramps, pull out the egg flat, and shake off the insects to the chameleon’s enclosure.

Night Trapper Insect Trap

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